Winter Traction Device


Winter Traction Device


Traction Aids® are made from A36 steel and are hand welded by our certified welders. Each pair is individually inspected to ensure maximum quality before the application of the durable protective coating is applied.

Traction Aids® have been helping stranded motorists for two decades in all types of weather and road conditions. The durable welded steel that comprises Traction Aids® provides maximum traction for all types of vehicles, from compact cars to 4 wheel drives and even ATVs.

Traction Aids® come with a clear 10 mil. plastic storage bag

  • We have a pair of Traction Aids in each of our vehicles, and we are not afraid of getting stuck.

    Donna from Norwood, New York

    Since buying a pair of Traction Aids I haven't stayed stuck when pulling my boat out of any boat launches.

    Dennis from Richardson, Texas

    None of our delivery trucks, single wheel, dual axles, or tractor trailers leaves the yard without their Traction Aids.

    Marty from Syracuse, New York

    Our Oil Delivery trucks don't stay stuck thanks to Traction Aids; the Traction Aids have saved us a lot of money.

    Robbie from Bend, Oregon

    Without our Traction Aids, we would lose a lot of time and money on our deliveries.

    Tim from Portland, Maine