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Don’t Slip, Get a Grip with Traction Aids®


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550 Lisbon Street
Suite 11, Lewiston, Maine 04240

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Also we can provide different colors on volume orders, let us know what you need.

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Our Oil Delivery trucks don’t stay stuck thanks to Traction Aids®; the Traction Aids® have saved us a lot of money.

Robbie from Bend, Oregon

“We have a pair of Traction Aids in each of our vehicles, and we are not afraid of getting stuck.”

Donna from Norwood, New York

None of our delivery trucks, single wheel, dual axles, or tractor trailers leaves the yard without their Traction Aids®.

Marty from Syracuse, New York

Since buying a pair of Traction Aids I haven’t stayed stuck when pulling my boat out of any boat launches.

Dennis from Richardson, Texas

Without our Traction Aids®, we would lose a lot of time and money on our deliveries.

Tim from Portland, Maine