Our Traction Aids® are a must have for boaters, hunters and all outdoor enthusiasts!

Traction Aids® have been helping stranded motorists for two decades in all types of weather and road conditions. The durable welded steel that comprises Traction Aids® provides maximum traction for all types of vehicles, from compact cars to 4 wheel drives and even ATVs.

Traction Aids® Ready to Ship!

Traction Aids® Ready to Ship!

Regular Traction Aids®

One Pair of Regular Traction Aids® designed for non commercial use w/ carrying bag.


Heavy Duty Traction Aids®

One Pair of Specially Reinforced Heavy Duty Traction Aids® for Commercial Vehicles w/ carrying bag.


Extra Heavy Duty Traction Aids®

One Pair of Specially Reinforced Extra Heavy Duty Traction Aids® made for tractor trailers and other heavy equipment!


Traction Aids® Replacement Bag

Traction Aids® Replacement Bag designed for all Traction Aids® types



  • Traction Aids® give you a durable grip to any slippery surface.
  • Traction Aids® can be used on any surface such as snow, ice, and mud.
  • Traction Aids® can be used with cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and tractor trailers.
  • Traction Aids® save you time. You are back on the road in minutes.
  • Traction Aids® save you money—no paying for a tow.
  • Traction Aids® are an all metal product constructed of high strength steel.
  • Traction Aids® grips are securely welded and last for years.
  • Traction Aids® easily store in the trunk of your car or behind the seat of your truck cab.
  • Traction Aids® are 100% American made.
  • Traction Aids® are available at participating NAPA stores.
  • Traction Aids® are your Ultimate All Season Traction Device!

Our Oil Delivery trucks don’t stay stuck thanks to Traction Aids®; the Traction Aids® have saved us a lot of money.

Robbie from Bend, Oregon

None of our delivery trucks, single wheel, dual axles, or tractor trailers leaves the yard without their Traction Aids®.

Marty from Syracuse, New York

“We have a pair of Traction Aids in each of our vehicles, and we are not afraid of getting stuck.”

Donna from Norwood, New York

Since buying a pair of Traction Aids I haven’t stayed stuck when pulling my boat out of any boat launches.

Dennis from Richardson, Texas

Without our Traction Aids®, we would lose a lot of time and money on our deliveries.

Tim from Portland, Maine